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Give Toning Shoes a Go For a Balanced Workout

You have probably seen the toning shoes promoted on late night television with celebrities endorsing them to give you and extra tone up. These are shoes that make the muscles work harder by making them work differently. Theses shoes include the MBT’s, The Skechers Shape Ups, the New Balance Rock & Tone and the Reebok Easy Tones. There is certainly debate and litigation as to if they shoes actually achieve the ‘tone up’ or not!



There certainly is a lot of cynicism about these shoes. Even if the shoes do not really give you that ‘tone up’, there are advantages of incorporating these toning shoes into your lifestyle and workouts as they do change the gait and do change the way muscles work. That has to have some positive benefits in the longer term for balance and possible injury prevention. The change they create in the gait can possibly help those with ongoing postural and back problems.


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